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6 Major Driving Mistakes That Beginners Make

As beginners, we usually make mistakes when driving, as we are all humans. But occasionally, these mistakes can be very pricey, as most road accidents occur due to drivers’ faults. The lack of information, awareness, and practice are the causes of drivers’ frequent mistakes.

Here are some of the typical mistakes that beginners make. If you are just a newbie, it will enable you to bring perfection to your driving skills.

1.     Junctions – Observation.

For inexperienced drivers, junctions can be a nightmare. Cars are approaching from all directions, and it’s your job to judge their speed and whether it’s safe to move out. It never hurts to be extra cautious when approaching intersections. Assume that all other drivers aren’t paying attention, and check to see if it’s safe to change lanes.

2.     When Changing Direction – Not Using Mirrors Correctly.

Use your car’s mirrors before making any driving decisions. Never presume that your way is obvious. Check your mirrors every time you press the brakes, shift into gear, accelerate, or change directions. Even on long, straight stretches of road, make it a habit to check them frequently. Try turning your head slightly to look in your mirrors rather than moving your eyes if you’re still learning. This should make it clear to your instructor that you’re utilizing the mirrors.

3.     Improper Steering Control.

Failure due to poor steering control will result in a fault code of “Control – Steering.” The majority of causes of steering control failures consist of the following:

  • Driving around a bend with poor steering
  • When passing vehicles, steering out very late
  • Climbing the sidewalks repeatedly when pulling up to the left

Poor control during turns or manoeuvres is typically to blame for vehicle accidents. To avoid hitting a parked car and safeguard other drivers and pedestrians, you must completely control the situation.

4.     Improper Positioning at Junctions.

Vehicle positioning as new drivers approach intersections is one of the most important things to keep in mind. The most problematic positioning occurs when turning right and is identified as a “Junctions – Turning right” fault. The leading causes of this failure are as follows:

  • Waiting to turn right and blocking traffic
  • When turning right at a roundabout and being in the wrong lane
  • Being in the wrong lane when turning right at the end of a road

5.     Overlooking Road Signs.

Sometimes it may seem as though there are too many road signs. But disobeying them might put the lives of other drivers in danger. Pay close attention to signs indicating changes in the speed limit, bus lanes, and no right or left turns.

6.     Poor Control of The Vehicle When Moving Off.

You risk failing if you don’t have reasonable vehicle control when you take off. When starting on a hill, slope, or gradient and after passing a parked car, some people find this problematic. Top “Move off – Control” faults associated with poor control include:

  • Moving off without choosing a gear and rolling back
  • When moving off, Rolling back, or stalling, 
  • Constantly stalling or rolling when trying to set off

Make sure that you do not repeat the above-mentioned things if you are a newbie driver.

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