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4 Main Tips To Support You To Get Over the Fear of Driving

For most people, learning to drive can be an exciting experience, but for some people, it can be a hassle. Several things can cause stress during driving lessons. Most people worry that they will cause a car accident or hit a pedestrian. Some people are merely afraid to try something new. If you’re short on cash, you might also worry about the expense of enrolling in a driving school. Fortunately, your worries will disappear if you register in the right driving school, such as Champs Driving School.

A driving phobia can occasionally affect even an experienced driver. However, if you employ tried-and-true techniques or take intensive driving lessons in London, you can quickly overcome panic attacks and other driving anxiety symptoms. To get you started, we’ve compiled a list of driving-related tips.

1.      Have Someone with You

If you find that you get anxious while driving, it may not be that you are anxious about the driving itself but rather that you are worried about driving alone. If you still have driving anxiety after receiving your full licence for the first few weeks or months, try going on short road trips with someone with you. Anybody who can keep you at ease will do; this person doesn’t need to be another licensed driver.

You can begin taking short solo trips by yourself once you get more used to driving. Before a long trip, you will have overcome your fears and no longer require company whenever you travel.

2.      Take Driving Lessons

If your lack of experience is the main factor causing your driving anxiety, enrolling in refresher driving lessons is one of the best ways to help you overcome your fear of driving. Many driving schools specialise in instructing learners who have no driving experience.

You won’t experience the same anxiety levels after hearing the driver’s instructions. This is because your driving instructor will equip you for any situation that may arise while driving.

3.      Ensure You Are Entirely Focused

The majority of traffic accidents are the result of human error, particularly when people are distracted. You must identify and avoid anything that might make it harder for you to focus during your driving lessons.

You should pay close attention to what the instructor says and how you operate the vehicle. Negative thoughts, anxiety during a driving lesson, or a panic attack while behind the wheel won’t have room for a fully focused mind.

4.      Drive On Highways

Many people discover that even if they are not afraid to drive on local roads, they are dreadfully terrified to do so on highways. Yes, it can be frightening, particularly if you’re a new driver, but every driver eventually has to overcome this fear. It is best to begin your journey by driving on single-lane highways. You can gradually make your way onto the busier highways once you’ve got used to the less busy ones. Driving on highways will become a routine, and you won’t have any problems.


You will have to put in a lot of effort to overcome any driving phobia. You can quickly get over your driving phobia by using any of the tips mentioned above. Furthermore, you can also talk to driving instructors to find out if they have any advice to share.

Champs Driving School, a professional driving school in London, guarantees the qualified deliverability of driving passes plus courses in different regions of the UK. Our qualified instructors are prepared to help you pass the practical driving test quickly and save money.

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  • Ian Randle
    Ian Randle

    I had a driving license for 7 years, but every time I tried to drive on my own, I felt anxiety, like a panic attack.
    The worst thing you can do is not to confront the problem. Now it seems like a joke to me, but at that time, I thought I will never drive, and overcome that feeling.
    As expected, you are not alone. I started to read, but then I found a video series or something like that, never been a book person.
    If I am not mistaken, I found videos on this one drivingfear.info. It was 3 years ago, the rest is history. I saw many people were like me, so that gave me hope, and after couple of months of training, I was driving without any problem.


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