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Learn more about Pass plus price in UK at Champs while searching Pass plus course near me in UK. For booking, contact Champs Driving School.  

Pass Plus - Guide to the Course and Prices in the UK  

In the UK, one rule applies to any car instructor. The candidate must pass the theory test and practical driving test before getting his/her full license. However, if someone wants to take his car out on the road with no restrictions whatsoever, how do you get your Pass plus certificate? Let us have a quick overview. 

What Is A Pass Plus? 

Pass Plus is a practical driving course comprised of 6 hours minimum training period with 6 modules:

  • In all weather conditions
  • On rural roads
  • On motorways
  • On dual carriageways
  • At night
  • In town

This course is designed especially for the drivers to improve their skills and knowledge to drive safely. In fact, there is no limit to enrolment time. It can be taken at any time. However, it is beneficial for new drivers after passing their test. Furthermore, To learn Pass Plus Driving Course, you need a registered approved driving instructor (ADI). To facilitate you, we have an expert team of driving instructors available at Champs Driving School. To enroll in the best school for a pass plus course near me in the UK, contact Champs Driving School. 

What Is Included in the Pass Plus Driving Courses and Lessons?  

The candidate will learn how to drive on different roads (including motorways) and more complex junctions on the Pass Plus course. Furthermore, the candidate also discovers ways to handle adverse conditions, including heavy traffic, night driving, poor weather conditions, hills, and rough terrain. Moreover, you will get plenty of practice with emergency braking and steering techniques and collision avoidance.

How Long Does Pass Plus Course Take?  

Normally a Pass Plus course takes 6 hours. However, it could take longer or shorter depending on your driving instructor’s approach.  

What Is The Pass Plus Price in UK? 

Pass Plus is an optional qualification that can be taken by anyone who has passed their driving test the first time. Moreover, it consists of a three-hour practical course and one hour of theory with an approved instructor.  

Pass plus prices depend on your location. Also, the candidate may choose to purchase additional hours of tuition at Champs Driving School. These extra lessons build upon what you learned during basic driver training.    

A DSA (Driving Standards Agency) certificate of completion can be awarded upon successful completion. The instructor assesses the candidate throughout the course for pre-defined standards and prepares a report form. That report form needs to be signed by the candidate, the instructor, and DVSA to receive a certificate: 

  • Pass Plus 
  • Instructor and Vehicle Standards Agency 
  • The Axis Building 
  • 112 Upper Parliament Street 
  • Nottingham 
  • NG1 6LP 

Your Pass Plus Course Near Me At Champs Driving School London 

At Champs Driving School, we believe that Pass plus is an excellent way for you to gain valuable experience in getting your full license.  

Also, you will learn how to drive with other traffic around you safely. Nevertheless, you will also get some valuable tips from an experienced instructor. Furthermore, we think that Pass plus is such a great course that it is worth paying extra. If you would like more information about our Pass plus courses or any driving lessons, please do not hesitate to contact us today. 

No matter where you are in the UK, we will be here if you search for a pass plus course near me from any area like Birmingham, Cardiff, Bristol, Leeds, Liverpool, Leicester, London, Sheffield, Manchester & Nottingham.  

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