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Legal Responsibilities Of a Newbie Driver

Legal Responsibilities Of a Newbie Driver in the UK

Are you biting your nails worrying about the UK’s legal Responsibilities for newbie drivers? Well, you are in the right place. Here, we will unleash the legal requirements for driving a car as a newbie. 

Learning to drive can be as nerve-wracking as exciting as the thought of driving a dream car. That is because driving a car comes with some responsibilities, which can make your learning experience even more complex. However, the Advanced Driving School is always there to help students struggling with driving. 

While you learn to handle the steering wheel, gears, and brakes, there are certain other conditions and provisions that you must adhere to while driving. Finding an experienced driver who can not only teach you how to drive but also train you according to the legal obligations of the UK government is a blessing. Advanced Driving School is one of the intensive driving schools where you can get it all. 

Here, we provide insight into the responsibilities associated with driving that you must follow to ensure your and your passengers’ safety. Continue reading to find out everything you should know about the legal requirements implied by the government of the UK.

Is Driving Licence Mandatory?

Driving a car in the UK without a driver’s license is illegal. Although you do not need a full driving license to drive a car, driving without a provisional license can be considered a crime. 

With a provisional driving license, you can drive your car on the UK roads, but there is a condition to it. You are eligible to drive the vehicle with a provisional license only when there is someone to supervise you during the drive.

On the other hand, if you do not have a provisional license, you cannot drive in any condition, not even under the supervision of a skilled driver. You can apply for a provisional driving license by submitting the D1 form, which is available at any local post office.

You can also submit the D1 form by visiting the government’s website dedicated to newbies willing to attain a provisional driving license. You can also get all the other information you might need before applying for the permit. The application fee for the provisional driving license is currently £ 34.

Furthermore, you will also be required to provide certain other documents when applying for the provisional driving license. Here are the documents that you will be asked to provide to get a driving license:

  • Your last three residence addresses
  • Your national insurance number
  • Your Passport to CNIC

Who can Supervise a Provisional Driving License Holder?

You must know by now that you can drive with a provisional driving license in your pocket, but only under somebody’s supervision. Here are the people who can supervise you while you are moving as a newbie:

  • A professional driving instructor that you can reach out to in Advanced Driving School
  • A driver from your family member with a full driving license is aged more than 21 years. This person should have passed the practical and theoretical driving tests.

One condition for the person supervising you during your drive is that they are healthy. They should have good driving skills, manage the situation, and take over whenever they need more confidence.

Furthermore, the driver should be completely sober and not under the affect of any drug while you are driving on roads as it can risk not only your life but others as well. If your supervisor has weak eyesight, they should keep their spectacles or contact lenses with them to ensure safety.

They should be physically fit enough to drive if they do not feel confident about driving. For instance, they must not have fractured limbs that can risk driving. In addition to this, they should not have any medical conditions like drowsiness while driving.

Lastly, they should refrain from using their phone while supervising their driving classes. If you do not adhere to these driving supervisor provisions, you might be fined as much as £1000 and receive up to six penalty points on your provisional driving license. Thus, you can hire a licensed driving instructor from the Advanced Driving School who meets all the requirements. That way, you can avoid unsolicited situations like penalty points and fines.

You can take more passengers who are either there to guide you or be with you throughout your journey of learning how to drive. However, you must not stuff your car with more passengers; you should only include the legal number.

How Old One should Be Before They Learn to Drive?

You must be at least 17 years old to drive a car in the UK. Nationals under 17 are considered underage to drive, and hence, they are not eligible for even a provisional driving license.

Although you can apply for a provisional driving license three months before you turn 16, this does not mean you get permission to drive a car. You will only get a driving license after you have turned 17, and only then will you be allowed to drive in the UK.

On the other hand, after you turn 16, you can continue to learn to drive at Advanced Driving School. You can learn to drive at Advanced Driving School while you are still 16 and have applied for the mobility part of PIP (Personal Independence Payment).


While driving, there are specific rules and legalities that you must keep in mind as a responsible citizen. These may include applying for a full driving license and driving under the supervision of an expert with a provisional driving license. The supervisor should be aptly skilled in their good health. By following these rules, you ensure your safety and keep yourself from getting penalty points on your provisional driving license.

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