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How Many Modules Are There In A Pass Plus Course?

Pass plus is a special government road safety course. It was introduced to improve the driving skills of beginner drivers and give them some extra confidence. It includes modules that are not necessarily covered in standard driving lessons. In order to polish your driving skills and become a refined writer, you must hire an approved driving instructor (ADI) for the Pass Plus course.

You can take the Pass Plus test once you have passed the driving test. There is no restriction on time or age, but it is most recommended for those who have gone through a driving test recently. Pass Plus courses are different from a driving licence registration because you do not have to take a formal test to pass it. Instead, the instructor assesses each student based on six modules. They identify how well the student can practically apply the learnings of their lessons to deem them fit for certification.

What Are The 6 Pass Plus Modules?

The course is divided into modules to train drivers on how to drive in dark hours, in unfavourable weather or on motorways. Here is a breakdown of each Pass Plus module to help you figure out what you will learn from this course.

1.   Town Driving:

The instructors of a Pass Plus course will train you to navigate all sorts of junctions with confidence. You will be taught how to effectively utilise your observational skills and find the best routes for driving.

You will also learn why it is important to leave space between two cars, and how much space is required. In addition to that, the instructor will fill you in on which areas are authorised for parking and which are not. The rights of vulnerable road users shall also be imparted to make you an empathetic driver.

2.   All-Weather Driving:

An all-weather driving module is designed for drivers to understand the way a vehicle is likely to behave in varying weather conditions. You will learn how bad weather causes poor visibility and reduces stopping distances. The instructor will tell you what skidding is and how it can be avoided.

3.   Rural Driving:

When you are driving towards rural locations or within the countryside, the risk of blind bends and brows increases. This makes overtaking more challenging than it should be. A Pass Plus course enables you to narrow down the risk of running into animals or slow vehicles.

4.   Night Driving:

A lot of drivers are fearful of driving at night. The headlamps and headlights of the surrounding cars make it difficult for new drivers to perceive their surroundings. Manoeuvring the vehicle and judging distance becomes quite challenging when driving in nighttime dazzle. That is why, a Pass Plus scheme incorporates this module to better prepare drivers for night-time driving.

5.   Driving On Dual Carriageways:

You probably have driven on dual-carriageways throughout your driving journey, but this module will further refine your concentration capabilities. It will help you improve your judgement, while filling you in on how to maintain a safe distance from other vehicles. You will also recall how to use lanes and slip roads. Your observation skills will improve significantly after a Pass Plus course.

6.   Motorway:

Drivers who have just passed their driving test are often not familiar with motorway driving. This course will help you understand the rules of overtaking and lane usage. It will also cover how to cope up with a broken-down vehicle. Traffic light rules, speed limits and vehicle care for motorway driving will all be a part of this module. If you are looking to take the Pass Plus course yourself, get in touch with a professional driving school in London. Champs Driving School is a trusted service that has been operating in the UK for years. You can hire our instructors to obtain Pass Plus certification.

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