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What To Expect On Your First Driving Lesson

Don’t worry, your first driving class will be phenomenal. You will learn multiple things, including the Highway Code, parking restrictions and other traffic rules. Not only will you become well versed with the regulations, but you will also be able to excel in your theory test.

Be well-prepared while heading to your first lesson because you are about to be bombarded with information. Keep a notepad, so you don’t have to worry about retaining it all in your mind at once. The most important part is to be mentally and physically prepared. Don’t be fearful of the process, because stress can impact your learning abilities.

Do not forget your provisional licence because that is your pass to get behind the wheel without any experience. Do some research to understand what you can expect from your first lesson. There are various driving schools offering refresher driving courses in London. Pick up the most competent service in town to get proper training.

3 Things You’ll Learn In Your First Lesson:

We understand that there is a lot going on in your mind as you head over to your first driving lesson. To clarify some of your questions and concerns, we’ve put together this guide to help you comprehend what you will be expected to do or learn on your first day.

1.   Driving Basics:

You are not going to get behind the wheel right away. The instructor will first give you a driving instructions manual or provide you with verbal guidelines on the basics of driving and car controls. They will tell you where the gear is, how to use the pedals (accelerator, clutch and breaks) and how to handle the steering.

Once you give approval that you’ve understood everything. They will drive you to a clean road with minimal traffic.  You can then take charge of the steering wheel and put your driving skills to the test. Be careful and take your time to learn. Don’t push yourself or rush into things, as it can sabotage the entire learning process.

2.   The Cockpit Drill:

The cockpit drill is a set of rules that are meant to be followed by every driver prior to activating the engine. It is one of the first things you’ll learn about in your driving lessons as well. Here is a list of things you will be taught about a DSSSM routine, i.e. the cockpit drill.

  • Check if all the doors are locked
  • Your seating should be adjusted, allowing you to comfortably reach all controls.
  • Fasten your seatbelt and make sure that all passengers are also buckled.
  • Position the mirrors to avoid blind spots while driving

3.   The First Drive:

You may as well get to try your hands on the steering in your very first lesson. If you’re a fast learner, your big moment will arrive quicker. You will follow the “Prepare, Observe, Move” routine to operate the car. Prepare means getting your car ready to pull over when there is no one on the road. Hold the clutch, select the first gear and press the gas pedal to move the car. Now you can release the handbrake to bring your vehicle into action.

Before hitting the accelerator – Observe. Look around for any cars moving towards you. Look over both the shoulders to assess the situation of the incoming road as well as the outgoing road. You can now release the handbrake and ease up on the accelerator to drive the car. This completes the “Move” phase, concluding your first drive.

The first drive is not as scary as most students perceive. If you are attentive during lessons, you will make a great driver. If you want to become a good driver, Champs Driving School has a number of qualified instructors for you. We are considered as one of the best driving schools in London by locals. You can get in touch with our team through call or email to avail our services.

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