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How To Avoid Accidents While Driving?

Sitting on the front seat, operating driving controls, and following the safety precautions simultaneously, is something beyond just standing there and watching a vehicle pass by you.

Many of us have encountered different accidents while on the road. Sometimes it happens with ourselves while sometimes with the vehicle in front of us. But, how many of us learned from those moments?

There are several best driving schools in London providing professional driving courses. Still, the ratio of road accidents is the same as before. It is happening because of some significant factors that are being neglected by several drivers while driving on internal roads or highways.

Here, we will have a look over those crucial factors which are needed to be followed to avoid accidents while driving:

Avoid Over Speeding

Driving at an extensively high speed increases the chances of facing accidents four to five times. This habit is frequently found among teenagers. They often hang out with friends and drive recklessly.

People mostly used to go fast to save time. It could put you in massive danger, especially on a busy road. Instead of preferring overspeeding, we should leave home earlier to reach our respective destinations.

Every country has a specific national speed limit to reduce road accidents. In the UK, there is a national speed limit of 70mph when driving on a motorway while 30 mph in street areas.

Passengers’ Limit

However, it is the speed of your car or the weight and number of passengers it can bear; everything has a limit.

It is advised to the drivers, especially the beginners, not to fill up their vehicles with several passengers unbearable by the car. It could increase the possibility of encountering any harmful incident.

Avoid Long Drives at Night

Long drives at night are not suitable for every individual. It is a natural phenomenon of the human body that after a continuous action for 45 minutes, the body starts to get tired. Therefore, driving on longer routes at night should be avoided.

Many countries have set up lighting effects on the road to keep the drivers awake, and most of them were successful in this way.

Seatbelt Should Be Worn

Automobile companies have introduced seat belts for a reason. Drivers should make it a habit of wearing a safety belt while driving. It keeps you gripped on your seat so your head won’t strike your vehicle’s steering or front part in massive jerks.

In the current era, wearing a seat belt has become a mandatory part of driving rules. Drivers may face fines or penalties for violating this critical rule.

Follow the Traffic Sign Boards

Road accidents could happen anywhere if the necessary and safe driving rules are not followed. You would see traffic signs on the sides of roads. They are placed to guide the drivers on critical driving factors.

Sometimes, there could be emergency road maintenance. In such a case, the working team highlights that specific part of the road with the safety cones or the road cones. Drivers should drive very carefully at those places as there could be several workers working on the road.


These were some of the crucial factors of safe driving. When you are in the UK, there are strict traffic regulations everyone should follow. Therefore, several driving schools provide cheap intensive driving courses for beginners to drive safely.

We can reduce road accidents by carefully following these traffic safety recommendations. We hope you find these safe driving guidelines helpful and will follow them while driving.

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