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A Day in the Life of a Driving Instructor at Champs Driving School 

Are you looking for the best driving lessons and instructors in the UK? Well, you are at the right place, as Chaps Driving School is where DVSA licensed driving instructors do their best to make you into a confident driver. 

No matter your driving skill level, our trained instructors are out there waiting for you to enroll in one of the Driving Lessons. The friendly and highly trained instructors will help you improve your skills so you can drive your car without a flinch.

Here in this blog, we uncover what our highly proficient and DVSA-licensed driving instructors do throughout the day to bring out the best driver inside you.

Scheduling the Day

The driving instructors start their day early at Champs Driving School. The aim is to prepare themselves for the day to ensure their students drive safely on roads and feel confident while they drive. The first thing our driving instructors do is review their schedules and plan their driving lessons meticulously. 

Before they kickstart their driving lessons, our instructors look into details like traffic reports, weather conditions, etc., to ensure the lessons go well throughout the day. Furthermore, they look into the condition of the car that they will be using throughout the day for driving lessons. The car analysis may include a quick check of lights, tires, vehicle brakes, and much more to ensure the safety of our students.

Our driving instructors understand that every student has different needs. Hence, they strategize each driving lesson according to each student’s needs. For instance, nervous beginners need a boost of confidence, whereas experienced drivers might want to learn advanced driving techniques. No matter the requirements, our driving instructors strategize their lessons accordingly to accommodate their students.

Automatic and Manual Driving Lessons

Every first lesson sets the tone for the day, so the instructors welcome their students with a warm smile and a jolly introduction to calm the nervous students down. During the introduction exchange, the driving instructors try to grasp their students’ understanding and past experience. They then plan the driving lessons according to the level of expertise of their students. 

After the instructor knows about your driving expertise, you both must hit the road. If you are a beginner, the first driving lesson would include only basic learning. For instance, on your first day of driving lessons, you will learn how to start a car and will develop a basic understanding of road signs. Furthermore, the instructor will teach you the appropriate usage of mirrors while driving.

As you know, safety comes first; hence, our instructors will teach you some of the defensive driving techniques during the initial days of your driving classes. These techniques will help you anticipate and maturely respond to other drivers on the road.

Our instructors will do their best to train you by deploying different techniques like positive reinforcement and continuous feedback. When you get instant feedback on your performance, you are able to better understand your strengths and weaknesses and hence alleviating yourself is easier. 

Driving a manual car can be intimidating for students; hence, tutors need to boost their students’ confidence and provide emotional support. In your manual driving lesson, our professionals will help you learn parallel parking, driving on bumpy roads, and reverse parking. 

At Champs Driving School, we cover a broad array of regions in the UK, including Birmingham, Nottingham, Bristol, Manchester, Sheffield, Cardiff, London, Leeds, Liverpool, and Leicester. If you live on the premises of any of these areas, you can reach out to us at [email protected] and train yourself to be a proficient driver. Furthermore, you can visit our official website and contact us at 02036330499

 Champs Driving School is one of those UK-based Automatic Driving schools that offer affordable and easy driving lessons. This Automatic driving School is the best choice for you as it offers one-on-one driving instructions, dual control car training, flexible lesson hours, and mock tests for driving licenses.

That’s not all; the Champs Driving School also offers the following courses in addition to Automatic driving lessons:

  • Manual Driving Lessons
  • Beginner Driving Lessons
  • Advanced Driving Lessons
  • Intensive Driving Lessons
  • Refresher Driving Lessons
  • Pass Plus

These driving lessons are meant to enhance your driving skills and boost your confidence. In addition to these technical courses, our driving instructors also consider certain behavioral strategies while training their students.

Furthermore, with the positive reinforcement technique, the students gain the confidence they need to drive on roads. Likewise, constructive criticism will help them work on their weaknesses and improve their shortcomings. As the driving lesson ends, the students feel more confident about their driving skills.

Vehicle Maintenance

Subsequent to hours of driving and instructing students, our driving instructors give their vehicle a bit of attention, too. This is the time to conduct a routine check on the car and look for any defaults in its functioning. We know that a clean and well-maintained car not only projects a more professional image but also ensures the safety of the stakeholders.

Furthermore, instructors can use this time to mentally relax. They may also evaluate their students’ performance and plan strategies to further amplify it. 

In addition to this, the driving instructors may utilize this time to do all the needed paperwork and plan their future lessons with their incoming students. That way, they can stick to perfection and ensure the safety of their students. 


In a nutshell, a day of a driving instructor is filled with different driving lessons and preparations associated with them. They analyze and strategize their day to help you learn different techniques for driving on the go.

They plan their day to enhance their driving skills and boost their confidence in driving. With hands-on experience, you can manage on-road driving, challenging drives on bumpy roads, and technical reversing of the car. These driving lessons will help you pass the driving test as the trained instructors at Champs Driving School teach you each and every technical skill related to driving.  

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