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9 Tips to Save Fuel While Driving

Although driving safely is always paramount, fuel prices frequently fluctuate in the UK. By making small improvements to your car’s fuel efficiency, you can substantially impact your budget. Driving economically doesn’t mean sacrificing safety—it simply means being aware of both factors while behind the wheel.

You can make your driving more convenient by applying a few minor changes and can battle fuel prices. You can help to preserve the world by holding your fuel price down. Considering the driver’s needs, here are listed some simple hints and tips using which you can use to save on fuel during car driving.

  1. Improving Fuel Consumption

The best way to improve fuel economy is to keep the vehicles well-maintained. This means regular oil changes with the proper grade of oil, tire inflation at the correct pressure, and fuel additives as needed.

  1. Read The Road

If you want to conserve more fuel, be more attentive while driving. Our instructors for Intensive driving lessons in London can guide you on how best to read the road so that you predict other drivers’ actions. This way, you can react rapidly if needed and avoid harsh braking or acceleration during your drive.

  1. Tire Pressure:

It is essential to check your tire pressure regularly because less tire pressure than what a car needs will result in more fuel. So, always keep an eye on your tires and ensure they are correctly inflated.

  1. Slow and Steady

The more speed you have, the more fuel your vehicle will consume. To save on fuel, try not to drive too fast unless necessary. Driving slower can have a significant effect on how much fuel you use. Additionally, different vehicles will have varying optimal speeds for Fuel economy due to resistance from factors such as air and tires. In general terms, though, it is usually observed that a car going faster than 50 miles per hour takes up more fuel than one traveling at or below that speed. Therefore, keeping the car less than 50 miles/hour could help conserve energy.

  1. Unnecessary Weight

Avoid putting extra weight on your vehicle because it will take more fuel. An additional 100 pounds in your trunk can reduce your MPG by up to 2 percent.

  1. Air Conditioning

When a driver uses an air-conditioning system in a car, the fuel consumption increases drastically more than any other supporting feature. Using an air-conditioning (a/c) system will put a heavy load on the engine and consume 20% more fuel. So, try to keep your air conditioner off when driving. And if you are using the air conditioner, don’t use it for a longer time.

  1. Service:

Keep servicing your car periodically, especially your engine. Not servicing your vehicle for a longer time or your car’s engine will lead to consuming more fuel. The engine’s quality will be affected, and it will consume high fuel.

  1. Flat Out – Cruise Control

You can set and maintain a speed with cruise control without using the accelerator. Once you’ve chosen the speed, the vehicle will cruise at that speed until you remove your foot from the accelerator. Cruise control can help save fuel over an extended period of time—one of the essential basics to saving your fuel while driving is to have consistent speeds.

Cruise control can assist in maintaining the car engine at a constant rate, keeping fuel, especially on longer journeys such as motorways and large flat roads.

  1. Roof Rack

If you want to save money on fuel, take the roof rack off your car when you’re not using it. Drag increases with a roof rack, which causes higher fuel consumption.


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