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6 Driving Tips For Beginners

Going directly on a busy road without knowing the essential traffic rules can put you in danger. Therefore, every beginner should learn basic driving techniques when starting their driving journey.

For instance, you just started driving and going for a driving test. There are several thoughts that your mind could encounter while driving. Several driving schools are providing the best driving lessons in London.

The driving tips we will discuss here would benefit you greatly if you are a beginner. Let’s go through them and learn the essential driving tips to save you from difficult moments.

Adjust as Comfortable to You

Before every drive, adjust a few things to make you comfortable to drive. Adjust the mirrors and seat in a way that provides a smooth experience. Being uncomfortable could lead you to terrible situations. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust those things that are mainly used during driving.

Start with a Slow Speed

It is often seen in beginners that they directly exceed the speed after switching on the vehicle. They should start slowly and gradually increase the speed after covering some meters. It is not suitable for them as they are not much familiar with handling sudden situations.

Avoid Multitasking and Overthinking

While driving on the road, a quick responsive mind is needed to overcome sudden situations. Overthinking could distract your mind from the tract you are moving on. Also, multitasking, phone calls, eating, and smoking while driving, could affect your driving behaviour.

Therefore, to drive safely as a beginner on the road, it is crucial to focus on your steering, gear, accelerator, and brakes instead of making your mind busy with other unnecessary activities.

Start with Small Roads

It is a critical moment when you are holding the steering wheel for the first time in your life. Jumping directly into a major highway road and competing with heavy vehicles could be too dangerous.

It is recommended that beginners learn driving from a professional driving school that offers intensive driving lessons in London and starts driving on small streets inside the town.

Avoid Reckless Turns

When driving as a beginner, one should strictly follow the street signs and rules. Also, a beginner should seriously avoid taking sudden turns and cuts in the middle of traffic. As it is challenging to handle sudden turns, a beginner could face dangerous situations.

Therefore, it is advised for beginners to use their side mirrors when turning their vehicle on another track.

Take Care Of Maintenance

The occurrence of any minor issue in your vehicle could lead you to danger. Every vehicle needs proper mechanical maintenance. A driver should be familiar with the necessary maintenance factors of the car from the initial days.

The driver must be habitual of keeping the fuel and other engine-related stuff in good condition. This habit will save you from several unexpected incidents in the middle of your way.


Every beginner should know all these tips when starting their driving—getting acknowledged with the critical traffic rules and techniques for every new driver.

You should take a demonstration from one of your elder family members or a senior driver. Fortunately, you can also enrol in our driving lessons in London and learn the essential driving rules and regulations. 

There are also several other preventive measures for advanced drivers. We hope you will implement these tips while driving and have a safe and smooth drive.

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